In this age of Twitter, Facebook, Medium, and podcasts, who blogs anymore?

Well, Twitter is terrible for disseminating anything more than 280 characters.  You'll never convince me that a tweetstorm is a good way to consume medium- and long-form content, regardless of the availability and maturity of thread aggregators.  (Not to mention the ethical dubiousness of thread aggregators monetizing tweets via ads in the first place.)  While tweets are eminently shareable, so too are links in tweets, and a well-designed site looks great on mobile browsers while offering more control over layout and flow than Twitter does. For the writing I'm looking to do here, Twitter loses.

Facebook wants to own all your data forever, and is a privacy and ethical nightmare I cannot distance myself from fast enough.  I'd delete my account if I didn't still have a large group of friends who used it for planning events and messaging.  In the meantime, I use and happily advocate the use of News Feed Eradicator for Chrome.  And since I'm not reading any news feeds in Facebook, I won't be writing there either.

Hosting your writing on Medium isn't so bad (if you're okay with the constant popups and membership nagging), but then Medium gets all the credit with Google for my writing, and I still believe in the power of building a personal brand.

And, well, not everyone has a voice for podcasting.

Which leaves blogging, which leads here.  A fresh site, a fresh start, a fresh opportunity to write and curate some hopefully useful information.  In the past few years, I've accumulated a whole bunch of knowledge and interest in the small-business SAAS entrepreneurship space, and I feel like it's only fair to share. With any luck, the next person with questions about how to bootstrap and boost their SAAS will find some value in the content on this site, and the wheel of karma will spin on.

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