Microsoft trained an Open AI Model to write Python code from comments.  It's pretty impressive:

Now, I found this in the r/programming subreddit, and there's a lot of skepticism and/or anger kicking around, but I think a lot of commenters are fundamentally missing the explicitly stated usefulness of this.  (Though to be fair, it's stated in the final couple seconds of the video, in what sounds like standard outro stuff.)  This isn't intended to try to replace programmers, but to remove the necessity of having programmers do menial tasks.

We stopped manually managing memory because it was error-prone and a poor use of programmer time, and programming jobs are still around.  We use common libraries instead of writing every line ourselves, and programming jobs are still around.  This model doesn't remove the need for programmers, it just removes a lot of menial tasks from the programmer's list of to-dos.

You still need to know how to code, as evidenced by the situations in the video where the model wasn't quite correct.  And you still need to be able to reason logically about requirements and how those become code.

As another tool in the toolbox, this could absolutely be an incredible time-saver. But it won't replace the whole toolbox.

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