Actually, I think it's "Heya 👋", emoji included.

If you know of or use Honeybadger to track your bugs, you'll appreciate this.  The fine folks at Honeybadger Industries just blew up the campaign emailing industry.

Instead of sending all your user data to Segment, and from there on to your email marketing solution – and spending the crazy money required for that – you can install the Heya gem, define your campaigns as Rails classes (that's right, email campaigns as code!), and you're good to go.  Set up segments directly as properties of your user models, no need to share that info with umpteen-dozen third parties (and their third parties, and their third parties) just to send an email.

It's free for open source or if you have fewer than 1k users, and only $99/year afterwards, which is wildly affordable, especially compared to literally any other competitors.

I follow their podcast (FounderQuest), and I'm eagerly awaiting updates on this. It's such a great idea, and a great way to attack the problem of campaign emailing.

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